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Informative Ways of Improving Your Written Communication Skills

Writing effectively is one of the necessary things. It is essential to note that your emails will grow into a huge conversation without purpose. In addition, it will also lose the essence of your report making you to lose marks. Here are some of the tips that will help you in boosting your written communication skills.

You should start by using short sentences. One thing that you should know is that the UK government does not write sentences more than 25 words. It is noted by writing experts that at 14 words, the reader achieves 90% comprehension. On the other hand, at 43 words, the understanding reduces by 10%. For that matter, it is recommended that you use shorter sentences averagely 14 words as this will be easier to comprehend.

Apart from that, avoid high brow words. We may have learned these complex words on college. You better communicate in a simple and clear way rather than complicating the whole thing. One thing that you should know is that we can use language to explain what we imply. When you have to use the word, then you need to limit the frequency. Typically, you should stop trying to be smart when writing be true and simple.

The next tip is to call to action. For that matter, you will have to decide on what you would want your readers to do. Where you will have to be clear on the actionable next step that you want them to take having read your email or report.

Apart from that, you should concentrate on the key messages. You find that sometimes you can read and reread an email or even more times. The reason behind this is that the writer was not clear of the key message. Therefore, you should identify your key message before you start writing and write down in a piece of paper to remind you.

The next tip is to evoke emotions. You should determine the emotion that you want to store in your reader. It is essential that you stir the reader as this will motivate them to take action by either sharing your report or anything you would want them to do. Don’t by any means make your readers end thinking.

You can also achieve this by being succinct. It is essential to note that lengthy reports or many words in a sentence lowers the understanding of the readers. For that matter, your message should be short and clearly expressed. In case, you have written a lengthy report, you will have to be thorough with your editing because volume does not always equal to comprehension. Some of the things that you will have to do to make your reports short and clear is to delete, and re-write the paragraphs.

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