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Celebrities You Didnt Know Suffered From Lyme Disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that is known to have various symptoms one of them is exhaustion. Contrary to common belief ,this isnt the only diseases that would cause exhaustion. You probably have heard of Lyme disease which has the same symptoms. This ailment tends to be caused by ticks. Many people tend to be diagnosed with it annually but quite as many go undiagnosed. Due to the fact that the symptoms tend to be similar to other ailments it tends to go for many years without the person knowing what might be ailing him or her. People in showbiz have become vocal on how this disease comes about and how to prevent it. In this piece we would give a detailed account of some of the celebrities who have overcome this disease. The famous and beautiful Bella Hadid is one person who has gone for treatment due to this ailment.

If you look at hr you might not think she would be suffering from the ailment. This disease comes with a myriad of symptoms such as fatigue and pain. Due to fatigue she is almost certainly in bed almost every time and cant do things she enjoys doing. Due to her love for riding horses she tend s to blame her brain problems due to lack of riding. She has also created awareness on how she is overcoming it. Another celebrity you might not know she has the disease is Shania Twain. The only difference between her and Bella Hadid is that she contracted the disease fifteen years ago.

She got it from a tick bite. The symptoms that one gets due to being bitten is fatigue. This further developed to having dysfunction vocal cords which inhibited her from doing what she liked the most which is singing. Going through therapy helped her get better and she could finally do what she liked which was singing. She said that she had to undergo some treatment in order to get better. Having done this though didnt satisfy her totally since in some instances she still cant be able to sing. In other times you ,might have come across a celebrity known as Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne dint have vocal cords issues like Shania Twain but hers was so severe. Diagnosis was ate which would have made it severe after wards. She talks of times that she was bed ridden for almost two years. In many aspects her music career went down. She has also said that she underwent therapy which is helping her recover.

Kelly Osborne on the other hand new when she was bitten by an infected tick. Due to the fact that she had previously been addicted to drugs and medication that it became hard for treatment to take action after suffering the symptoms. Alec Baldwin is also a victim.

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