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Implementable Measures to Keep you Fit and Healthy at Work

While we may have some urgent tasks at work that need to be completed on time, no doubt we also need to factor in our overall wellbeing. Read more here to find tried and tested measures you can implement to ensure your overall wellbeing is never compromised. To get you started, it is imperative that you time your breaks in between office tasks to encourage movement. You dont have to be fully engrossed in whatever you are doing until you start complaining of a stiff back or painful neck. Encourage and motivate yourself to have regular movements in between the tasks. Movement could be as simple as taking a break to the bathroom or even walking and stumping your feet around the room. To get you started, how about you have some reminders every thirty or so minutes by setting the alarm?

By the same token, you might want to incorporate some form of walking into your lifestyle. For starters, you can start with something as simple as walking for lunch during your lunch break instead of driving. Walking gets your heart rate up, and the fact that its perfect for people of all ages means it can easily be incorporated into any daily office routine. The third tip to stay healthy while at work is to trade in your desk chair and get something that is healthy for yourself.

To start you off, how about you invest in an exercise ball and start bouncing and rocking as you go about your daily tasks in the office? An exercise ball encourages your core and abdominal muscles to remain active and engaged, thus leading to a strong and stable body. Read more here to discover the amazing benefits and the great transformation that an exercise ball can bring in your life. Still, on point, read more here from a reliable website on how to get an ergonomic balancing board or introduce a standing desk altogether for your overall wellbeing.

If you are like many people, you probably are more productive at work while standing up. As the name may suggest, a standing desk allows you to work while standing hence can manipulate and adjust the height of your working space. Utilize a standing desk and say goodbye to the tingling and painful sensations and feelings on your feet and tailbone. A working desk encourages walking around, stretching, tapping your feet, shifting back and forth, etc. Working while standing up encourages alertness of mind. Getting creative and incorporating little activities and movements in your daily routine will certainly go a very long way in keeping you fit and healthy.

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