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Learning More About Lyme Diseases

Many people across the world have been highly infected by the Lyme infection which is one of the most common bacterial infections in the current era. However, it is mainly caused by the ticks and thus important to avoid the ticks bites. The Lyme infections mainly come as a result of the bites from the black legged ticks and the young deer ticks. It is however very crucial to understand more about the various types of ticks in order to know whether you are at the risk of being infected by the Lyme diseases. However, one of the major reasons why most of the people across the world are suffering from the Lyme diseases is because of the difficulty in diagnosing this type of a disease. Most of the people at the risk of being infected by the Lyme infections do not actually find a good reason to get tested and thus one of the major reasons why it is one of the hardest diseases to diagnose.

However, before discussing about the major symptoms that come with the Lyme infections, it is important to first understand how it the disease is transmitted. The Lyme disease comes with the infection of the tick by a bacterium. After the tick gets attached to a human being, this bacterium passes to the bloodstream of an individual and thus resulting to Lyme disease. Most of the ticks bite hidden places like the armpits and knees and thus going for a long time without being noticed. There are several ways through which one can know that he or she is suffering from the Lyme infection. The following are some of the top signs and symptoms of the Lyme diseases.

Severe headaches come as a result of the Lyme disease. The other very key symptom of the Lyme infection of stiffness of the neck. Rashes on various parts of the body are also very common signs that you are infected by Lyme diseases. Lyme diseases also result to the arthritis with a lot of pain and swelling on the joints in the knees. Brain and spinal cord inflammations are among the riskiest conditions that come with the Lyme diseases which at times lead to the death of the infected people.

Lyme infections come in three stages. The following are some of the top stages of Lyme infections. The first stage of Lyme disease is the early localized Lyme. People in the early localized Lyme tend to have body rashes, sore threats and also experience severe headaches. After early localized Lyme, early disseminated Lyme is the other stage of the Lyme disease. Some of the most common symptoms of the early disseminated Lyme include the mental confusions, sleep disturbances, severe headaches, severe fatigues as well as weaknesses in the arms and legs. Late disseminated Lyme is the very last stage of this infection.

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