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Know More About Labrador Puppies

Labrador puppies – cute little roly poly creatures that you just want to pick and snuggle. Well, at least, that’s how most dog owners feel about their puppies. In fact, it has even been known that the Labrador breed is the most popular breed for dogs in the US, that is why a lot of dog lovers in the US surely finds Labrador puppies to be attractively adorable. But this can lead to problems when it comes to breeders. Simply saying, if you want to get yourself a new Labrador puppy, then you must be well knowledgeable about the said dog type.

Having the Labrador breed popular is just like in the case of mass production in the society which may eventually lead to different problems among breeders. So with the popular Labrador retriever, more and more professed breeders are coming out. Be wary of breeders, particularly in such popular dogs. One of the problems that you may encounter with professed dog breeders is that, they would usually claim that the puppies that they have which are up for grabs are registered and pedigree, however, they are just faking it. If you plan to get yourself new puppies, always see to it that the puppy you will buy is clean, full of energy, healthy and is not sick, so that you can conveniently take your newly bought puppy to a registered veterinarian, and never forget to ask the breeder for a certain time to get your money back once the puppy that you bought shows some sickness or injuries.

If you happen to be confused on what a Labrador breed looks like, then it only comes in three different colors which are black, brown and yellow. The kind of color that a Labrador breed possess is surely unique and different compared to other breeds as it can come out to be a silvery to charcoal in black silk, or it can come out as a creamy texture to almost red in yellow fur, considering that the hair that it has are silky, smooth, soft and wavy. Nevertheless, despite of the three different variations of Labrador puppies when it comes to their color, there are really some colors which are quite hard to find, however there are also color which you can easily purchase in different trusted breeders. You can always ask the breeder on what color of Labrador you want since a Labrador can be born in one liter and there is a probability that in the one liter, it may contain different colors.

But the history of the breeding of Labrador started from bird and duck hunting. Knowing that the Labrador breed was used for duck hunting, it explains why it has double coated fur which is resistant on water and it has webbed feet, even a tail that looks a lot like an otter’s. These characteristics can be found even in dogs mixed with Labrador!

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