Protecting Employee Devices In the Corporate Work Environment

The best technology used to arrive in the hands of business owners first. Over just the past 3-4 years, this trend has completely changed. Consumers are now the ones who are enjoying the latest and greatest technological achievements and they are bringing all of this technology into the work environment. A massive 65% of all recent smartphone purchases will wind up being used in the work environment. How will these devices be secured?

That’s just the smartphone market. The tablet market is expected to ship 370 million tablets by the year 2016. Over 50% of these tablets will wind up being used in the work environment. This means businesses are spending less on technology, but this trend opens a new door in the world of corporate data security.

Protecting Multiple Devices

The biggest problem businesses both large and small face with the new trend is trying to protect all of these devices that may be accessing sensitive data. It creates a true nightmare type experience for larger corporations who employ an entire IT department, while smaller businesses face the same problem as well.

Is There An Easy Solution?

There is always an easy solution to every problem that exists. The difficult part is trying to find that solution. That is where the Trend Micro Smart Protection Suite outshines any other product on the market. It provides simplicity for business owners while creating the most robust protection platform on the market today.

This system uses multiple layers to build a solid wall of protection from malware, viruses, data loss, data theft, unsafe websites, data intrusion and more. It is one solution that has been designed to solve all problems businesses may face when employees use their own devices in the work environment, and this is exactly what businesses both large and small have been looking for.


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