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Watch Out for the Following Household Toxins You Must Ditch Today

There is a very high likelihood that most people who love cleaning their homes have used commercial cleaners to remove stubborn dirt and grime. You have probably heard that these house cleaners kill more germs as compared to using soapy water, right? Alas, the commercial house cleaners have a very negative side that most of the ads will never mention. Most cleaners will cause all manner of health complications to you and the people in your household. Read here to know the most harmful toxins you could be using without your knowledge.

If you have any item that has an artificial scent, be it an air freshener or a toilet paper, it could be time to ditch it. Artificially scented products come laden with a chemical known as phthalates which are believed to disrupt the bodys ability to produce natural hormones. As a result one experiences low sex drive, not to mention compromising on the ability and quality of sperms men produce.

If you are fond of using commercial window cleaning products, then you need to pay attention to the 2-butoxyethanol chemical. Short term health damage manifests in the form of a sore throat, while long term damages include liver and kidney damages. You might want to click here for more of the best natural alternatives at your disposal if you must clean those windows without getting sick.

Antibacterial products are yet another harmful product you could be using in your home, albeit innocently. Contrary to popular belief, your body requires a healthy amount of good bacteria for optimal immune system performance. Unfortunately, the majority of these antibacterial products in the market today will wipe out both the good and the bad bacteria. If you check carefully, you might discover it is the use of these antibacterial products that has led to the endless trips to the ER for colds and flu.

How about you also ditch the bleaches, particularly the mixed variety that comes with extremely volatile organic compounds. Chances are high it is these chemicals found in bleaches that irritate the respiratory system leading to such health conditions like asthma. it is no wonder millions of people countrywide will complain of a hard time breathing immediately they use these bleaching products. It gets worse when the bleaches are mixed with products with ammonia as an active ingredient. This is where you risk long-term medical conditions such as cancer. The way out of this mess is to stay safe and stay clean by using natural alternatives to cleaning products and supplies.

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