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A Web Developers Troubled Life

When you look at the website, do you ever wonder how it ever came into being? If a website is a movie, then web development is the behind-the-scenes of the movie and all we watch is the movie and we dont see the blood, sweat, and tears poured into it by web developers to make it what it is.

So, what goes on in a web developers day? This article will let us see what they experience in their work each day.

One of the important tasks of a web developer is to create a consistent user experience across browsers. But this is not an easy task since browsers like Firefox, chrome, edge, and explorer have different ways of reading code. So, results from the same code block can be different. One browser gets fixed but another gets undone as a result. But web developers succeed in this task because they dont ever give up.

A web developer can watch the most horrendous movies while completing his design work for a client. He has his back on the TV, anyway so no matter how awful it is, it plays, because it is crunch time for his work.

The hardest part of a web developers life are his clients. A web developer thinks that their demands are insane but he does them anyway. A web developers client is someone who ignores build-your-own website options and prefers to pay a dear amount to a web developer.

Most of a web developers time is spend in troubleshooting problems. Sometimes the last piece is the most difficult to solve. Sometimes they can figure it out, sometimes they cant.

Super picky clients are a headache to web developers and the years prove the to become worse. Prepare for the worst if you want to be a web developer. If youre out, be glad.

Some clients think they know better than the web developer. They think that they know a lot about web development when all they know are things that everybody else knows. The thing that he thinks he is the only one who knows is actually known by everybody else. In the face of insulting comments, the web developer stays nice to earn his just wages.

A web developer spends the most time on the finishing touches of the project. They find a lot of trouble in simple things. With helpful forums, web developers are able to solve their problems on time.

A web developer has little SEO tricks up his sleeves. He can load the site with keywords but actually leaves it to the SEO copywriter to get the client ranked on search engines.

This is the life of a web developer.

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